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Food is so essential a part of our daily lives, that often, sharing recipes amongst strangers turn them into good friends. Thai House believes it so much so that we offer to share our recipes as a gesture of goodwill and hopefully, promote healthy living and good friendship.


The recipes here are presented in a step-by-step illustrated cooking so that it can be possible and convenient even for beginners to cook delicious Thai dishes. The recipes are authentic Thai style as we do it in Thai House, and also home-style cooking of Thai families.


We also included a gallery of pictures of the different dishes and categorized in different food groups--- starters & snacks, soups, salads, curries, meat & poultry, fish & seafood, etc. A page of the offered exotic juices and other drinks will also be presented in the near future.






Food is an

important part

of a balanced diet






For many years, Thai House has been improving and testing the recipes so that the authenticity is preserved and the essence of Thai style enhanced.


The food that is presented here are carefully selected by Mr. Sombat Tongboonwrowd of Thai House Workshop and utmost care is done to make the recipe guides easy to follow.


We hope that you will enjoy browsing through these pages as we have enjoyed making it.




Thai House

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Somewhere in Leuven, a peculiar round building awaits you… enter the world of Thai House where you will enjoy all the delicious dishes the Thai cuisine has to offer! You will soon have difficulties choosing between the broad variety of fish and meat dishes, spicy Thai specialties and vegetarian dishes.
But don't worry: the restaurant offers a lunch buffet every Friday and Sunday, allowing you to discover the Thai cuisine in all its varieties.



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